everyone has a creative side. sadly, the world often moves too fast to explore this part of yourself. even though information is unlimited and oppportunities seem endless, we often feel lost in all the noise and distractions. we believe, in the midst on this chaos, it is possible to pursue your passion. through connecting, creating and celebrating with like-minded individuals you can learn, inspire and focus on what you love to do.

from this vision, two concepts were born:
- The Possibilities Clothing: a platform focused on providing opportunities for creatives. speading this message through sustainable fashion with unique hand-drawn designs. find out more by clicking here
- possibilities open studio: a non-profit foundation located in amsterdam-west, facilitating a space for creatives and emerging artists.

the space
to achieve our vision, we set out to create a safe, inclusive and multidisciplinary space for this community. built entirely by people who believe in the cause, we introduce pos, short for the possibilities open studio. the studio features a high quality soundsystem, kitchen, bar, lounge, dancefloor and terrace. it also serves as a space to host workshops. the possibilities clothing is a living example of what is possible at pos. this brand is committed to producing high quality, sustainable clothing with unique designs, hoping to collaborate with and inspire others on the way. The living example of our vision.

pos is part of a bigger picture. together with many other initiatives, it is located in the centrale markthal in amsterdam-west. this building is being renovated to become the city's vibrant heart of circularity, creativity and culinary expieriences. together, we will play an important role in creative a new commons for the people of amsterdam-west and its surrounding neighbourhoods. program
pos invites: a series of events in which emerging artists record their set and create a unique musical experience in an intimate setting.
pos talks: in pos talks, we talk with artists about how music influences their lives. what feelings are related to music? what drives their work? what story do they want to tell? pos talks is a series that focuses on background stories about the artist.
pos events: the multidisciplinary expression of our vision. where music, arts and craftmanship come together.
your initiative: do you see a possibility of working together? feel free to contact us.